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Sat Jun 26 00:50:43 UTC 1999

>I would appreciate if anyone knows a modern study of the practice of
>offering Dak.si.naa to Brahmins during the reign of Peshwas in
>Maharashtra.  I have seen only peripheral references to this practice so

See Ravinder Kumar's article titled, "The New Brahmans of Maharashtra" in D.
Low (ed.), Soundings in South Asian History, U. California, Berkeley, 1968,
pp. 95-130. It mainly concentrates on the early British period in Pune
(after 1818), but the references cited in the paper, especially the
government records, should be useful. The title of this article seems to
have been inspired by the 1963 book "The New Brahmans" edited by D. D.
Karve, also published by UC press.


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