Tenets, anyone?

Pamela Lyon Pamela.Lyon at ANU.EDU.AU
Tue Jun 22 00:31:18 UTC 1999

I would appreciate any information on recent work (past five years or so)
on Tibetan Buddhist Tenets (grub mtha') or, more specifically, on the Four
(phyag rgya bzhi) -- theses, publications, anything.

My PhD research, recently begun, involves a critical, comparative analysis
of these foundational propositions from the Madhyamika viewpoint.  However,
I am
interested in work relating to the treatment by any of the 'four' schools
of Tenets of the philosophical issues contained within and/or implied by
the phyag rgy -- especially the first (All compounded/produced phenonmena
are impermanent).  I am particularly interested in:

causation/dependent origination
Buddhist logic (esp. the catuskoti)

Any suggestions as to not-to-be-overlooked comparative (East-West)
scholarship also would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Pamela Lyon
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