Tenets, anyone?

Ulrich T. Kragh 103322.630 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Tue Jun 22 10:16:39 UTC 1999

Ms. Lyon asked about the "four schools of Tibetan Buddhist Tenets (grub
mtha')". In Tibetan doxography, four schools (grub mtha') of Indian
Buddhist philosophy are distinguished: Vaibasika, Sautrantika, Cittamatra
and Madhyamaka. This is different from the 'four schools of Tibetan
Buddhism': rnying ma, sa skya, bka' brgyud and dge lugs. It was not quite
clearly to me to which of these two sets of four you refer. Could you
please clarify?

You requested material concerning the Four Seals (phyag rgya bzhi) and
later in the mail you luckily specified the first as "All
compounded/produced phenonmena are impermanent". Be aware that Tibetan
Buddhism also speaks about the four Tantric seals, which are also called
phyag rgya bzhi, and these are quite a different story.

Ulrich T. Kragh

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