Manuscripts of various Sulbasutras

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A critical edition of VAdhla ZS is being prepared by Prof.  Y. Ikari in
kyoto.  He has published two sections of the edition so far.  VZS 1.1-1.4
(agnyAdheya and punarAdheya sections) and 1.5-1.6 (agnihotra and
agnyupasthAna sections).  He has worked with several MSS including that
which was available to Caland (a devanagri MSS from Madrfas) and with other
mss in Malayalam

Kashikar in his Survey of ZS notes that there was another mss of Varaha ZS
at the Oriental Insitute of Baroda which was nto available to the editors of
the ZS, namely caland and raghuvira.  You may want to consult the edition of
caland and raghuvira (Varaha-Srauta-Sutra; being the main ritualistic Sutra
of the
Maitrayani Sakha. Critically edited for the first time [withMantra index].
By W. Caland and Raghu Vira.
[Lahore, India, Mehar Chand Lachhman Das], 1933.) to check on MSS since the
1933 edition is certainly after the 1922 article.

Carlos Lopez
Harvard U
Dept of Sanskrit

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> Subject: Manuscripts of various Sulbasutras
> Dear listmembers,
> I have been looking at references to manuscripts of different
> Sulbasutras and maybe someone can help me out in this respect.
> In their 1983 translation of Baudhayana, Apastamba, Katyayana
> and Manava Sulbasutras Sen and Bag mention other Sulbasutras
> in their introduction.  Amongst those other Sulbas mentioned are
> the Varaha and Vadhula Sulbasutras.  Later Sen and Bag writes
> that they have not been able to locate manuscripts for other
> Sulbasutras and the 4 above-mentioned and that the other Sulbas
> are known only through references.
> Now, this confuses me, because N.K. Mazumdar mentions in a
> 1922 article two manuscripts of the Varaha Sulbasutra and that the
> Vadhula Srautasutra was discovered in Madras.  Also in his book
> "Science of the Sulba" B. Datta mentions one manuscript of the
> Varaha Sulba.
> Does anyone know of these manuscripts and the reason why Sen
> and Bag writes they were unable to locate them?
> Thank you very much.
> Sincerely,
> Toke Lindegaard Knudsen

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