Manuscripts of various Sulbasutras

Toke Lindegaard Knudsen tlk at MATH.KU.DK
Sun Jun 20 09:03:02 UTC 1999

Dear listmembers,

I have been looking at references to manuscripts of different
Sulbasutras and maybe someone can help me out in this respect.
In their 1983 translation of Baudhayana, Apastamba, Katyayana
and Manava Sulbasutras Sen and Bag mention other Sulbasutras
in their introduction.  Amongst those other Sulbas mentioned are
the Varaha and Vadhula Sulbasutras.  Later Sen and Bag writes
that they have not been able to locate manuscripts for other
Sulbasutras and the 4 above-mentioned and that the other Sulbas
are known only through references.

Now, this confuses me, because N.K. Mazumdar mentions in a
1922 article two manuscripts of the Varaha Sulbasutra and that the
Vadhula Srautasutra was discovered in Madras.  Also in his book
"Science of the Sulba" B. Datta mentions one manuscript of the
Varaha Sulba.

Does anyone know of these manuscripts and the reason why Sen
and Bag writes they were unable to locate them?

Thank you very much.

Toke Lindegaard Knudsen

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