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Ashok Aklujkar fo8z003 at PUBLIC.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Tue Jun 15 15:48:29 UTC 1999

My thanks to George Cardona and Allen Thrasher for responding to a query
about my article. Both were quicker in thinking than me/I as they usually

(Maybe, I would rather forget what I wrote in the past.)

I do not have a reprint of my article here with me. I will send a copy to
Birgit Kellner when I am back in Vancouver if Allen Thrasher's does not
reach her before that.

I was not given an opportunity to read the proofs of the article but my
recollection is that there were no major mistakes in printing.

 -- ashok aklujkar

>Ashok Aklujkar: 'Praamaa.nya in the philosophy of the grammarians',
>Studies in Indology:
>Professor Rasik Vihari Joshi Felicitation Volume ..., Delhi: Shree
>Publishing House, 1988-1989, pp. 15-28.

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