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Jaap Pranger yaap at XS4ALL.NL
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On Mon, 14 Jun 1999 13:25:30 +0200 Jan Seifert wrote:

>=80 anyone out there with experience of the indianlangkit for mac? (and is
>there a difference between the build in kit in OS 8.5 and the langkit?)

You may find out at: <www.apple.com/macos/multilingual/indian.html>

Two recent postings from the Nisus mailing list:

* At 10:06 PM +0300 5/26/99, raymond wrote:
* >I use OS 8.6 on 6400/200 and, AFAIW, I don't use the hebrew language kit,
* >which is no more necessary since 8.5., and I write lot of hebrew.
* >
* This is true, sort of. If you have the HLK, 8.5 and 8.6 come with an
* updater which updates the various resources needed for HLK. OR you can run
* the multi-lingual internet access and select Hebrew, which does the same
* thing. If you have no HLK, you really don't need it, accept you get TWO
* (count 'em 2) fonts. The full version of HLK comes with several more fonts,
* although even these are not what you would call elegant. Bottom line: with
* 8.5 and 6 you don't need HLK, although its still for sale, if you wish all
* the fonts which come with it.
* ----------------------------------------------------------

* ----------------------------------------------------------
* Zarlengo wrote:
* > Is their an Arabic - Farsi update for Mac OS 8.6.  The fonts are not acking
* > correctly as I type!
* > D. Zarlengo, Ph.D.
* > Vice President of Information Technology & Telecommunications
* The following information is from Apple:
* * Apple language kits and Mac OS 8.6
* Apple's language kits require an updater for full functionality with Mac
* OS 8.6. If you have language kits installed on an older system you are
* updating, or if you install a language kit after installing Mac OS 8.6,
* be sure to run the Language Kit Updater, located in the CD Extras folder
* of your Mac OS 8.5 CD. This is the same version of the Language Kit
* updater for Mac OS 8.5. If you are updating from Mac OS 8.5, and have
* already updated your Language Kit, you do not need to run the Language
* Kit Updater again after updating to Mac OS 8.6.
* ------------------------------------------------------------

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