Ekacakra, where?

Graefe Ursula.Graefe at T-ONLINE.DE
Mon Jun 14 17:06:57 UTC 1999

Dear Mrs. Reusch,
as your colleague probably knows the place of the burning house of lac is said
to have been Lakhamandal/Garhwal. Maybe there would be a chance of looking for
Ekacakraa also around that area? There is a hill resort called Chakrata
about 50kms west of Lakhamandal, seemingly founded by the British, but one never
knows. Just to give a suggestion.
Sorry, if this is no good.
Greetings Ursula Graefe

B. Reusch schrieb:
> Deal list members,
> A colleague currently on the road writes to me with the following query.
> The best I can do for him, it appears, is for me to pass the questions on
> to you. Could some of you help me out? Thanks.
> >I am trying to find information about the possible location of the
> >Mahabharata town of Ekacakraa where the Pandavas first settled after
> >escaping the burning house of lac. In West Bengal, there is a village named
> >Ekacakraa which claims to be that town. An eighteenth century Gaudiya
> >Vaishnava work, the Bhakti-ratnaakara, also affirms this claim for the
> >village. I would appreciate any help with the following:
> >Are there any
> >competing claims for the location of this town, either by scholars or
> >traditional Hindus? Are there any scholarly articles, or references in
> >books, which deal with this?
> >Thank you very much.
> >
> Beatrice Reusch
> University of California, Berkeley

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