Pythagoras mentioned in Vedas?-A simpler explanalation

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Mon Jun 14 01:16:37 UTC 1999

Respected Dr. Knudsen,

I advance a simpler explanation:

The Pythagoras theorem has been stated in the Baudhayana Sulba Sutras. Now
many Hindus (like Sayanacarya) include even the Kalpasutras in the cateogory
of Vedas, and the Hare Krishnas include even the Puranas etc. in 'Vedic

The fact that the theorem attributed to Pythagoras is stated in the
Baudhayana Sulba as well is publicized in 100's of Mathematics texts
prescribed for children in Indian schools (as also the fact that the
'Pascal's Triangle' occurs in Pinagalacarya's Chhanda sutras and so on).
Since one of the persons involved in the discussion is a Hare Krishna, we
might surmise that he got his facts slightly mixed up.



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From: Toke Lindegaard Knudsen <tlk at MATH.KU.DK>
Subject: Pythagoras mentioned in Vedas?
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 23:07:27 +0200

Dear all,

I have followed with great interest the recent discussion on different
flood stories in the ancient world.  In connection with the
mentioning of Noah in the Bhavisys Purana I got to think of
something.  Some time ago I read one book (which I since lost)
entitled "Om Shalom."  The book was a dialogue between a person
from the Hare Krishna movement and a Jewish rabbi.  Anyway, in
the book there is related a story of how Pythagoras, the Greek
philosopher and mathematician, went to India and met 12 brahmins
who spoke to him in Greek.  Pythagoras got the name
"Yavanacarya," teacher of the Yavanas.  I found this interesting but
have never read anything else about this since.  Does anyone know
about this?  Can anyone give me some references?  Is Pythagoras
mentioned in the Vedas or Puranas?

Thank you very much.

Toke Lindegaard Knudsen

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