Earliest Autobiography

Roland Steiner steiner at MAILER.UNI-MARBURG.DE
Mon Jun 14 14:02:29 UTC 1999

On 13 Jun 99, at 11:54, Mandakranta Bose wrote:

>         Can someone on the list tell me when the earliest autobiography
> was written in India? Who wrote it? I would appreciate any information
> anyone might have.

Baa.na´s aakhyaayikaa (prose novel) Har.sacarita (7th century 
A.D.) contains a (remarkable) biography of the author in the 
first three chapters. Cf., e.g., Siegfried Lienhard, A History of 
Classical Poetry, Sanskrit - Pali - Prakrit, Wiesbaden: Otto 
Harrassowitz 1984 (= A History of Indian Literature. III.1.), pp. 
249 ff.

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