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According to a parsi religious site at
Zara-thustra means                Zara = golden, Ushtra =
                                                 camel, star, Golden
                                                 Star, possessing golden
                                                 camels, possessing old
                                                 camels. He who manages
                                                 /drives camels.
                                                 ushtra = divine knowledge,
                                                 hence Zarathustra means
                                                 possessing divine knowledge

My reading of Zoroastrian legends suggests that Jamshid is a later day
corruption of Yima-Kshaeta (Kshaeta = king)the legendary king of the
Avestans when they lived in Airyane Vaejahi their ancestral
homeland(http://www.ozemail.com.au/~zarathus/var33.html). Similarly the name
"Khurshid" is thought to be derived from kurukshaeta. Please note that my
sources are Avestan religious legends and not linguistic derivations - and I
am not certain that they are correct.



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