Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Mon Jun 14 11:41:47 UTC 1999

> T. L. Knutsen wrote:

> I asked my wife about "Hari-dyut-astra" and "Zarathustra."  She
> also failed to see the connection and made similar comments
> about Frawley's etymology as you did.  Can the word "astra" even
> be taken to mean "star" in Sanskrit?  "Astra" meaning "star"
> seems Greek to me.  My wife said she had never seen any
> connection where the word "astra" meant "star" in Sanskrit.  In
> Sanskrit "astra" can be translated as "weapon."

Astra is quite correctly "weapon" in skt. Star could be several things, one of
which is star-. Astra is based on the verbal root as- which means to throw, -tra
being a suffix.

Is your wife a sanskritist?

Lars Martin Fosse

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