CSX+ fonts & cross-platform email exchange

Mon Jun 14 11:25:30 UTC 1999

>On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Jaap Pranger wrote:
>> ...
>> Can you easily exchange Tex documents with Windows and MacOS
>> users?  I guess you can, but please tell.
>Yes, you can.
>> BTW, John, last year in Conv-Dev you mentioned ACII.  You said: "ACII
>> is the name used for the full 8-bit character set comprising 7-bit ASCII
>> in the lower half and 7-bit ISCII in the upper half."
>> Is this charset in use anywhere? I can't imagine reasonable Nagari
>> coming out from a 7-bit subset.
>It is used in all of CDAC's products (ALP for DOS, iLeap for Windows, and
>others). The output Nagari (/Bengali/Gujarati/Tamil/etc.) is extremely
>good. This is because, like Unicode, an intermediate piece of software (a
>"renderer") handles conversion from logical character to actual glyph.
>John Smith

just some questions:
€ what is CDAC?
€ is it availl. for mac?
€ anyone out there with experience of the indianlangkit for mac? (and is
there a difference between the build in kit in OS 8.5 and the langkit?)
€ includes the Bengali all Assamese letters?

greetings Jan Seifert

end of transmission

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