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There are many older Indian Biographies like the Babarnama, Jehangirnama and
so on. Semi-autobiographical accounts have been included in their works by
many ancient Indian authors like
1. Dandin in his 'Avantisundarikatha'

The 'Bichittar Nataka' of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, composed in the last
quarter of the 17th Cent. is an autobiography extending over his previous
lives as well (supposedly recalled by Guruji while meditating on the

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For a 17th century autobiography in Brajbhasha (completed AD 1641) see
Banarsidas's Ardhakathanaka translated into English (with original text)
by Mukund Lath as Half A Tale (Rajasthan Prakrit Bharati Sansthan,

Richard Barz

Mandakranta Bose wrote:
 >         Can someone on the list tell me when the earliest autobiography
 > was written in India? Who wrote it? I would appreciate any information
 > anyone might have.
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 > Director, Programme in Inter-cultural Studies in Asia
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