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Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Sun Jun 13 11:02:52 UTC 1999

Thank you, Luis!

Actually, I am not sure that Dayananda really contradicts himself, he
simply seems to have a more complex hypothesis than I assumed to begin
with. Obviously, if the Aryans are the *first* in Aryavarta, then it
really doesn't matter so much if they originally came from Tibet. It
would seem that D. has made a synthesis of an obsolete European idea and
his own need to make the Aryans the first Indians. What is more strange,
seen from our perspective, is that both Tilak and Savarkar accepted the
outside origin of the Aryans. It was really Golwalkar who settled the
matter. But it is also worth noticing that Ambedkar was an equally
ardent opponent of the invasion theory, stating some quite interesting
reasons for being so.

Best regards,

Lars Martin

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann schrieb:

>  Lars Martin,
> Your sources are correct.  I checked The Light of Truth," although the
> page numbers in the edition I have here with me are not the same.  It
> is Dayananda who seems to contradict himself.
> See the long quote below, which I copied with a scanner.

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