Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sun Jun 13 03:11:02 UTC 1999

Dear  Indologists  specializing  in  Indo-Iranian  studies:

In  my  understanding,  the  Vedic  Yama  equals  the  Avestan  Yima.
Please  tell  me  if,  later  on,  this  Yima  becomes  Jamshid  in
Pahlavi  period?

Also,  did  the  Vedic  Aryans  at  any  point  "curse"  Ahura  Mazda
as  the  greatest  Asura  as  the  Avestans  did  the  devas/daevas?

Many  thanks  in  advance  for  all  corrections  and  clarifications.


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