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"Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic" <a018967t at BC.SEFLIN.ORG> wrote:

>Please do not keep changing your argument like a chameleon. The question
>was about the recentness only and not about the Vedas etc. Many postings
>concerning these individuals that I have seen just did not discuss Veda.

Dear Mr. Mishra,

Do go back to my first response where I talked about weighting for impact,
over and above the time scale. If the eye is faulty, do not blame the object
of perception.

The gentlemen discussing Dayananda and Aurobindo can speak for themselves,
but my impression is that these recent personalities are interesting on this
forum because of what they wrote about the Veda.

>The Khilafat movement was very pertinent to the relationship of muslim
>attitudes to the indological studies at the time.

Was it really? The Khilafat movement was a child that was born without vital
organs, only kept in an incubator for a while to satisfy the parents. Indian
Muslims had never acknowledged the Ottoman emperor as their overlord. And
even when those fighting for Indian Independence were trying to use this as
an opportunity to forge an elusive Hindu-Muslim unity, much stronger winds
of change were blowing across the remnants of the Ottoman empire. And in
India itself, things moved so rapidly as to make the entire thing a
non-issue. Let the dead past bury its dead.


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