workshop Soma-Haoma 3-4 July, Leiden

Sat Jun 12 09:49:44 UTC 1999

A workshop
The Soma-Haoma Cult in Early Vedism and Zoroastrism: Archeology, Text, and
will be held at Leiden University, 3-4 July.
Special attention will be paid to the implications of recent archeological
findings in Turkmenistan (ancient Margiana) for the 'perennial' issue of the
identity of the Soma.
The complex problem of the Soma/Haoma cult involves the archeological
interpretation of material remains (making use also of botanic and medical
knowledge), the philological understanding of ancient Vedic and Avestan texts,
and an antropologically sound reconstruction of an evolving ritual system
connected with the material remains and texts.
Speakers include V.I. Sarianidi, H. Falk, W. Vogelsang, A.F. de Jong.

For more information and registration you are invited to contact J.E.M. Houben:
(0)71-5272951 / email: jhouben at

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