Is "Sanskrit" Dravidian?

N.Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Jun 11 14:52:40 UTC 1999

Paul Manansala wrote:
>The Austric presence really extends beyond Eastern India. As we are
>limited to only one screen of text here it would be impossible to
>make my case on this forum.  Last time I got started, I mysteriously
>found myself suddenly unable to post to the list.  Eventually had to
>resubscribe. However, I've written on this subject elsewhere. Check
>out the website below and some of the related links.

Sure, Austric extends to Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.,

Having known Dominik through the web for years, I don't see
a problem of intentional blocking to post; If there is a few
page summary on Austric contribution in Indian culture,
please mount it in the Indology web page in Member's queries
and information. Do you know Santali? Have you ever lived
in the Austric regions of India?


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