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george cardona cardona at UNAGI.CIS.UPENN.EDU
Thu Jun 10 22:21:27 UTC 1999

'Praamaa.nya in the philosophy of the grammarians', Studies in Indology:
Professor Rasik Vihari Joshi Felicitation Volume ..., Delhi: Shree
Publishing House, 1988-1989, pp. 15-28.
>I am looking for the following article:
>Ashok Aklujkar: "Praamaan.ya in the philosophy of the Grammarians".
>This article is referred to in Aklujkar's "The number of pramaan.as
>according to Bhartr.hari" (WZKS 33/1989), where it is mentioned as
>scheduled to appear in a felicitation volume in New Delhi, 1988. I would
>like to know whether it was ever published, and if so, where/when ...
>Any information will be greatly appreciated,
>Birgit Kellner
>Institut f. Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde / Institute for Tibetan and
>Buddhist Studies
>Universitaet Wien / Vienna University

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