Is "Sanskrit" Dravidian ?

Srini Pichumani srini_pichumani at MENTORG.COM
Thu Jun 10 20:12:42 UTC 1999

Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

> > > Claiming that Sanskrit is of Dravidian origin undoubtedly creates happiness in
> > > the South.
> >
> > Wonder whereever you got this idea...  makes no sense whatsoever,  more so since
> > you seem to be generalizing way out of line here.
> I may have been out of line. However, I have seen attempts on the Internet to prove
> that Indo-European languages descend from Tamil, which of course also means that
> Sanskrit must descend from Tamil, and ideas about Tamil as a kind adi-language have
> been launched in the context of the Dravidian movement. But you are right, I should
> not generalize, since evidently not everyone in the South shares these ideas. My
> apologies.
> Lars Martin Fosse

Thanks for the clarification...  I haven't seen such attempts,   but these must indeed
be miniscule,  and can be dismissed as very late and violent reactions,  indeed,  to
the contention that Sanskrit is the root of all Indian languages.

These days in general,   whatever category of South Indians (more specifically,
Tamils)  you consider,   ranging from the obnoxiously Sanskritic to the irritatingly
Dravidian,   we are content keeping the linguistic families separate.


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