Naadi Shastra

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To the extent I know:

1. naadi shastra was written by different authors like Agasthya,
   Vasishta maharishi and some more rishis (I can not recall
   all of them) i.e, Agastiya naadi shastra, Vasishta naadi
   shastra, etc.

2. They had written some formulas on future prediction for
   every individual to be born on earth.

3. naadi shastra can be seen at vaidheeswaran koil and
   Chidambaram (both are located in Tamil nadu).

4. As can be imagined, naadi shastras was written on palm leaves.

5. The visitors can get responses to their problems in various
   formats, for example, in writing, on audio tapes, pre-printed.

P. Ranganathan

stephens wrote:
> I would like to know who the author/s of Naadi Shastra is/are. I
> was told that every individual born on earth has something written
> about them in the Naadi Shastra. Is this so?
> Sujatha
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