Murugan in Washington, D.C.

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Mon Jun 7 13:20:37 UTC 1999

Last week, there was a grand kumbhAbishekam at the Murugan temple,
Washington, DC. About 4000 people participated in the event.
Sivachachariyars and MaTaathipathis from famous Saiva Siddhanta
adheenams were present to participate from Tamil Nadu.
Thiru. Santhalinga Ramasamy ADikaLaar, maTaatipati, CantaliGkar
tirumaTam, Perur and Swami Satchidananda, Lotus Temple,
Yogaville, Buckingham county, West Viriginia were present
to grace the occasion.

Did any Indology lister attend? Look at Bill Clinton's,
(a recent murugan bhakta) message. Probably, Hillary
is Devasena (official; Indra's daughter) and of course,
Monica is the vaLLi :-)

N. Ganesan

Washington (PTI) President Bill Clinton has greeted people who
gathered on the occasion of the kumbhabishekam celebrations of the
Greater Washington area's new Murugan Temple during the weekend.

Clinton said in his message: "Warm greetings to everyone gathered to
celebrate the dedication of the temple of the Lord Murugan in nation's

"Your beautiful new temple stands as evidence of the faith and vision
of your comunity. That enduring faith binds members of a congregation
together in fellowship and prayer, and will help to lead all of you
through the struggles and joys of life." the president stated.

"Our country was founded on a great tradition of religious liberty,
which helps to unite our nation of diverse faiths and creeds and gives
us a common ground for tolerance, healing and understanding. This
celebration is a reminder of the ways that god's blessings can be used
to fulfil our obligation to help others." he said.

Worshippers in their thousands participated in the three-day

The $1.7 million Murugan Temlple, like the older Sri Siva Vishnu
temple, is located in the suburb of Maryland not far from NASA


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