a question as to Atisha's works in Sanskrit

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"Ilona V. Manevskaya" <manevsk at IM3868.SPB.EDU> writes:

> we are interested in sanskrit original works by Atisha; we are aware
> of Bodhi-patha-pradipa restored from the Tibetan but we would like
> to know about any his works that survived in Sanskrit;

So far I know none of his works survived in Sanskrit. By the way,
there are -- at least -- two Sanskrit "restorations" of the
Bodhipathapradipa; see the reviews of Helmut Eimer for a critical
evaluation of them:

        -Eimer, H.: On Atisa's Bodhipathapradipa. In: Bulletin of
         Tibetology. N.S. 1985, No. 1, pp. 15-18
        -Eimer, H.: Again: on Atisa's Bodhipathapradipa. In: Bulletin
         of Tibetology. N.S. 1986, No. 2, pp. 5-15

Probably you know Eimer's critical edition of the (Tibetan) text.

> we'd also like to know whether his Bodhisattva-maNi-AvalI preserved
> in Sanskrit or not.

It was written or composed around 1043 in Bsam-yas, i.e. in Tibet. One
may ask the question: was it written in Sanskrit or in Tibetan? Eimer
states in his article: "Die urspruengliche Reihenfolge der Verszeilen
in der Bodhisattvamanyavli." In: Zentralasiatische Studien 15 (1981),
pp. 323-329, that it is younger than the Vimalaratnalekha which is
partly identical or similar (now available in the edition of S.
Dietz). In the named article Eimer lists the known (Tibetan) witnesses
of the Bodhisattvamanyavli.

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