sankethi brahmans

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Tue Jun 8 16:13:40 UTC 1999


You  might  find  this  interesting:
The  late  Prof. H.Subba  Rao  of  Mysore  University  was  a  Sanketi
SmArta  brahmin.  After  engaging  in  a  debate  with  the  erudite
late  HH  SatyadhyAna  TIrtha  of  UttarAdi  MaTha  for  a  month,
Prof.  Subba  Rao  finally  converted  to  the  MAdhva  SampradAya.
According  to  him,  his  people,  i.e.  the  Sanketis  originally  came
from  Shenkotta  in  South  Kerala,  hence  the  name  Sanketi.  Prof.
H.Subba  Rao  eventually  became  one  of  the  leading  paNDits  of
our  community.  He  passed  his  last  days  in  the  service  of  HH
LakShmIvara  TIrtha  of  the  ShirUr  MaTha  of  UDupi.  His  only
English  book  "Strength  of  Madhvaism"  was  published  by  the
pontiff  of  the  ShirUr  MaTha.


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