Apostle Thomas again

N.Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 8 12:32:48 UTC 1999

Of course the legend of Thomas' death near Madras is not true, as I
think I made clear in my first message,  [...]

As to Mylapore, attempts to identify it with Calamina, the traditional
place given as Thomas' burial "in India", do not seem convincing. The
first to mention Thomas' grave in Mylapore is thus Marco Polo (3, 18
in Yule - Cordier) in the 13th century. John of Montecorvino visited
a church of Thomas on way to China in 1292, this probably was in the
South. In 1345 John of Marignolli, another Catholic envoy to China,
also visited Mylapore. Thus the Mylapore tradition was earlier than
the Portuguese, although they certainly made much of it.

Michael Rabe asked about the stone cross found near Mylapore.
See A. C. Burnell, Indian Antiquary 3, 1874, 308-316. If anybody
knows a more recent source, please inform.

Me too. Is there a recent academic treatment of "St. Thomas
died in Mylapore" myth. (Approximate) dates of the Cross
which Burnell published in 1874?

Interested in recent studies of the sources, from Polo to say,
18th century of the Mylapore myth,
N. Ganesan

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