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Tue Jun 8 08:59:14 UTC 1999

"Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic" wrote:

> birgit kellner wrote:
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> > (Any follow-ups via private e-mail please)
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> In other words you want to have the final say in the matter just because
> you live in Europe but would not let any one else express his/views with
> the other members. You have right to have opinions about matters about
> India but an Indian does not have a right to express his opinions about
> matters European.

 I do not want to have the final say in this, nor in any other matter. I
simply wanted to point out that your statements regarding the EU's stance on
Turkey, which occurred in a context where some list-members try to paint
secular Turkey as an ideal model for India, appeared to be based on a lack
of knowledge about the actual political situation in Turkey nowadays or a
misunderstanding of that situation. Surely, whatever opinions you have, if
they are based on misinformation or misinterpretation, they become
disputable, no matter whether you are Indian, European, or British :-) This
is the last I shall say on this matter on this list (see point (a) below),
no matter what curiously enraged replies I might unwillingly provoke this
time ...

> What makes you think that any one is interested in discussing this
> matter with you privately and what purpose would that serve?

Occasionally, one offers things to others in order to find out WHETHER they
are interested, and not presuming already THAT they are interested
...anyway, discussing the matter privately could serve the purposes of (a)
removing this subject from a mailing-list where it does not belong, (b)
clearing up misunderstandings or removing ignorance.

> Have a peaceful and joyous day.

same to you,

Birgit Kellner
Institut f. Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde / Institute for Tibetan and
Buddhist Studies
Universitaet Wien / Vienna University

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