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>birgit kellner wrote:
>> Occasionally, one offers things to others in order to find out WHETHER they
>> are interested, and not presuming already THAT they are interested
>> ...anyway, discussing the matter privately could serve the purposes of (a)
>> removing this subject from a mailing-list where it does not belong, (b)
>> clearing up misunderstandings or removing ignorance.
>(a) When people are not interested in a subject then it falls off the
>mailing list and no special effort is needed from one subscriber. It is
>a poor and lame excuse for some one who  wants to say the last word but
>does not want others to respond.
>I consider you last sentence an unnecessary ad hominem attack by calling
>some one who has different opinion from you as ignorant however
>misinformed that person may be in your opinion. The fair solution would
>have been to provide the correct information and not resort to name
>Have a peaceful and joyous day.
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Please have the discretion to keep your discussion to the subject matters
of Indology.

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