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Dear Sirs,

Academy of Sanskrit Research is a premier institution located in Karnataka,
India. The activities of the Academy largely fall in the orbit of Vedanta,
especially Visistadvaita propagated by Acharya Ramanuja.   We have published
more than 35 valuable titles on Upanishads, Ramanuja's works etc. These
books are referred to by the eminent
scholars for a detailed study of Vashnavism/ Visistadvaita philosophy,
comparative study and so on.  Many scholars have appreciated the value of
these books.  Particularly, one would be amazed to see the sea of
information provided in the critical edition of Sribhasyam (magnum opus of
Acharya Ramanuja) in four volumes. They will no doubt be a good collection
to your valuable library.

It may be interesting to you to know that the Academy which has a campus of
more than 20 acres situated on the peak of Melkote, a hill town in
Karnataka, has a well established library of more than 23,000 printed books,
1000 audio cassettes, 11000 plam leaf and paper manuscripts.  The garden of
fruits and flowers has created a Tapovana like atmonsphere congenial for
indepth study and research.

You can reach Melkote from Mysore, Bangalore and Mandya easily.

I wish to bring to your kind notice the publications of the Academy of
Sanskrit Research.

Furnished here under is a complete list of the publications of the Academy.
(Price in Dollars)

Isavasyopanisad Popular Edition  - 5
Isavasyopanisad                              - 15
Kenopanisad                                    - 10
Kathopanisad                                   - 15
Prasnopanisad                                - 10
Mundakopanisad                             - 10
Bhagavadvisayam Vol I                   - 15
Bhagavadvisayam Vol II                   - 15
Bhagavadvisayam Vol III                  - 15

Visistadvaitakosa Vol I                       - 25
Visistadvaitakosa Vol II                     - 10
Visistadvaitakosa Vol III                     - 15
Visistadvaitakosa Vol IV                    - 20
Sribhasyam Vol I                                 - 25
Sribhasyam Vol II                               - 25
Sribhasyam Vol III                              - 15
Sribhasyam Vol IV                            - 20
Vedartha Sangraha                            - 15
Vedanta Sara                                    - 5
Isavasyopanisad                              - 15
Kenopanisad                                     - 15
Srigunaratnakosa                             - 5
Padasakti                                           - 5
Brahmasutrani                                  - 5
Sribhasyam (text only)                     - 10

Brhadaranyakopanisad Vol I-II       - 25
Bibliography of Visistadvaitic Works  -30
   ( Vol I-II )
Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit
Manuscripts on Visistadvaita (Sanskrit)-  15
Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit
Manuscripts on Visistadvaita (Tamil)     - 15
Consciousness                                         - 10
Samvit (Sanskrit and Computer-based
Linguistics)                                                -  5
Research Journal 'Tattvadipah'
1) Back Issues (1988-92)                             - 15
2) 1993 No. 1&2, 1994,1997 No. 1&2)"

The Academy brings out a quarterly Newsletter in English, Kannada and
Sanskrit, complete with details regarding the activities of the Academy. At
present, nearly 5,000 people are on the newsletter mailing list. Interested
persons may please send their address (postal, email).

Kamala, Coordinator
Academy of Sanskrit Research,
Please visit our website at
HQ: Melkote 571 431, Mandya Dist., Karnataka, India.  Ph: (08236) 58741,
Branch: 62, 9 "A" Coss, Kumara Park West, Bangalore 560 020, India. Ph:
(080) 3360135, 3366082
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