MalaiyALam and Ezham thamizh

Ramani T. kandiah rkandia at MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU
Fri Jun 4 21:19:30 UTC 1999

Dear List members,

I have noticed similar word usages between MalaiyALam and Ezham thamizh.
I am talking about the usages that are not common in daily thamizhn-adu
thamizh usage.
(may be restricted ONLY to the kanniyAngkumari thamizh that I am not
familiar with).

For examples,
the most known example, paRaithal - chat/talk
samusayam - doubt

Could someone send me some more examples.

Further, I would appreciate if anyone provides me the references of some
recognized research works
(or publications) on the comparitive studies between the Ezham thamizhar and

Thank you very much.

Ramanitharan, K.
New Orleans, LA, USA.
'99 June 04, Fri 16:07 CST

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