Historicity of The Flood

S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Fri Jun 4 07:46:29 UTC 1999

Paolo Magnone <p.magnone at AGORA.STM.IT> wrote:
> This means that it is at least improbable that all three traditions
> should refer to one and the same historical occurrence -- if they at
> all point to a real event.

It is indeed welcome to enlarge traditional studies with some exploratory work
by earth scientists.

Please browse the following 3 URLs for the earth scientist's account of
ancient Eurasia:


A related web page also refers to the Younger Dryas in the context of
diffusion of languages and also transition from the glacial age, setting the
limits of habitable areas of palaeo-vegetation of the quaternary age and river


Did Indo-European languages spread before farming?...



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