Historicity of The Flood

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jun 4 13:13:56 UTC 1999

Remember reading an article by David Shulman on Tamil deluge myths.
In J. of Tamil studies (Chennai)? Can an Indology lister check
A. Dundes, The flood myth, 1988 to see if Shulman's article is
reproduced there?

Also, see D. Shulman, "Fire and Flood: The testing of Sita in Kampan's
IrAmAvaAram" in P. Richman, Many Ramayanas, 1991.

Appreciations for giving the Shulman piece ref. on Tamil flood legends
from IRaiyanAr akapporuL, first Tamil prose and a grammar on
composing Love poems (8th century CE),


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