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Dear Indologist

  You are perhaps aware that the govt. of India has declared this year
(Yugaabda 5101) as Samskrta Varsha. The Samskrta varsha Samitee at Pune
has planned a number of programmes in the wake of this announcement. One
of the programmes is the organization of an International Meet some time
in December 1999 or January 2000. The main topic of the meet will
obviously be Sanskrit studies : present and future. As the working
president of the Samitee I invite you to participate in the meet, take
part in the discussions and present your views . As a preparation for the
meet I am collecting information from the world of Indology regarding the
present position of Sanskrit studies. I will, therefore, be grateful if
you reply the following questions and email or airmail them back to me.

[The questionnaire has been extracted and made available via the INDOLOGY
website (see and choose
"members information..."). -- DW]

Sincerely yours

( Saroja Bhate )

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