Gurudatta Vidyarthi's death

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Wed Jun 2 20:54:30 UTC 1999

Vishal Agarwal wrote:

> Gurudatta Vidyarthi...
> I am not sure but he was probably murdered by a
> Muslim (because he wrote a book showing how violence was used by Prophet
> Muhammad and his followers to spread Islam).

> From  Guru Prasad's foreword to G.V.'s "Vedic Philosophy":

"... (April 1889)... He was offered a post of Extra Assistant Commissioner
by the Government, but he declined in favor of teaching and preaching Vedic

When thus employed in his pious work highly beneficial to the country, he
was taken ill. At first he refused to be treated by doctors and wanted to go
to some secluded place to cure himself; but he was obliged to yield to the
advice of his numerous friends, who put him under the treatment of several
famous doctors both native nad European. His desease was phthisis. He
persistently refused to take meat when prescribed by the doctors. At last,
he expired at 7 a.m. on the 19th March, 1890, at the age of 26 to the great
grief of the Arya Samaj and the Indian people in general [...] all public
schools and colleges were closed on the day of his death. His funeral was
attended by over 1000 men [...]." (pp. v-vi)


Artur Karp

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