Historicity of The Flood

Shrisha Rao shrao at IA.NET
Wed Jun 2 20:12:28 UTC 1999

On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Brian Akers wrote:

> "The tale of a massive, devastating flood appears not only in the Bible but
> also in other ancient writings, often in similar terms, suggesting that it

It is accepted now that the Biblical version is actually a rechauffe of
the older Sumerian story of Gilgamesh (many books exist about this; a web
search should give a few relevant hits).  While the prevalence of stories
of the flood in ancient legends around the world have led many to believe
that some such cataclysmic event must have occurred, hard scientific
evidence of the flood is lacking.  Claims about discoveries of the "flood
layer" of silt (the best known being by Sri Leonard Woolley) have proved
incorrect.  At this point, few serious scientists are willing to accept
the historicity of the event, therefore.

See http://www.2think.org/ssotb.shtml


Shrisha Rao

> Brian

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