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Wed Jun 2 15:29:03 UTC 1999

Respected Dr. Rajaram,

Greetings again. Actually, Vishal Agarwal forwarded
my posting to you. Thanks a lot for your answer
where you mention your questioning of Shrikant Talageri's
certain views.

Vishal Agarwal recently posted extensively about your
forthcoming book with Dr. Natwar Jha with the title
"The Deciphered Indus Script". It seems many Rig
Vedic material is existing even in the Sindhu-Sarasvati seals.

Probably you are aware of the Indology list which
was started in 1990 by Dr. D. Wujastyk. The list membership
is about 600+ persons including many from the Faculty
of prestigious European, American, Indian and Japanese
universities. Not only Professional scholars studying the
ancient India, but many Non-Professional scholars of
Indian origin also participate in Indology.

Your decipherment, as you well realize, is a major breakthrough
and dispel many myths about our Sarasvati culture. As Indologists would
very much like to know your methods employed in the decipherment,
please consider joining the Indology list.

Procedure to join is simple. From your hotmail account,
just send a one line command to listserv at
The one line command is:
subscribe indology Dr.N. Rajaram

Later, to post messages, send your posts to
indology at

There is a good search facility to search the old postings
from Indology archives starting in 1990.

Kind regards,
S. Madhuresan

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