Oh so Human

Tim Lighthiser timlighthiser at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 2 14:19:35 UTC 1999

I am a new comer to the list. It is kind of
interesting, if not surprising, to see how the 'high
brows' can become "OH-SO-HUMAN," passionately
emotional about something like a 'lowbrow's' posting
on a list. Things are starting calm down, thankfully!

--- Harry Falk <falk at ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE> wrote:
> Ramadas schrieb:
> > So, in your opinion, only certain topics actually
> fall within the boundaries
> > of the Indology list. Am I correct in my reading
> that only the topics which
> > interest you are of importance -- the interests of
> the other members are of
> > no importance? From reading the above it seems
> that subject matter which
> > does not interest you fails to fall under the
> **profound and interesting**
> > category.
> pretty much so considering the interests of those
> who initiated this list
> andkept it running in the beginning by discussing
> matters on the basis of
> rational arguments.
> Now some people (me included) have the impression
> that  a hoard of
> fanatics unites once a day to invent a plethora of
> nonsential messages to
> suffocate
> the list, being fully aware of the fact that the
> rest of the list members is
> rather short of time trying to do serious work.
> Why so?
> I will never get the answer as I have started to
> delete all messages coming
> from those well-known members who obviously have
> nothing else to do
> but to transform every unripe idea into a fully
> grown email.
> We should not turn our back to this list with its
> ever-growing mass of
> sub-standard
> emails. We should find a way to survive the present
> conditions. The idea to have
> this
> list was great and it still deserves to be
> supported.
> Harry Falk

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