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Dear Dr. Karp,

I am really amazed that you have access to such a rare book by Gurudatta
Vidyarthi. The untenable idea that all modern scientific discoveries are
mentioned in the Vedas continues to this day (albeit in a much toned down
manner) in Arya Samaj literature. The numerous interpretions of Agni, Vayu
etc.  (which change from Sukta to Sukta) without any basis lead to Dayananda
Saraswati's Vedabhasya become a sectarian work (what else could have

To sidetrack, 'Gurudatta Vidyarthi' is a hallowed name in Arya Samaj
history. It is said that he was an M.A. (A great achievement in those days)
and remained skeptical about the existence of God till he witnessed the
death of Svami Dayanand. The fortitude/behavior exhibited by the Svami at
his death hour is said to have converted him to a staunch follower of the
Arya Samaj and he wrote a number of works in the formative years of the
Samaj to help it grow. I am not sure but he was probably murdered by a
Muslim (because he wrote a book showing how violence was used by Prophet
Muhammad and his followers to spread Islam).



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