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The tadbhava form of 'Lakshana' used in several dialects in N. India
(including Khari Boli as well as Punjabi) commonly is Lachhana. (Recall the
old Hindi movies where the vamp calls her poor Daughter in Law -

On your query on Kanpur, I donot know the answer.



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I  will  not  dispute  what  you  have  said.  It  indeed  makes  sense.
But  we  must  remember  that  the  PAli  word  for  the  Sanskrit
"lakShaNa"  is  "lakkhana"  as  in  "tilakkana"  for  "trilaShaNa"  (the
3  marks  of  "existence")  that  the  Buddha  talked  about.  From  my
youth  I  have  only  heard  it  as  being  "LakShaNapuri".  Anyway,  I
am  afterall  from  the  South  and  I  am  inclined  to  think  that
you  know  better  as  you  are  from  the  North.  Perhaps,  both
"lakShmaNa"  and  "lakShaNa"  are  possible.


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