Mani Varadarajan mani at SHASTA.STANFORD.EDU
Wed Jun 2 02:01:58 UTC 1999

> I do not understand: If a sir/madame do not have the time,
> Delete button's use is advocated.

This displays a lack of understanding of how too much email
can deluge a person. I frequently ignore *all* Indology email
because there is simply too much of it; it takes too long
to separate the signal from the noise.  When I first joined
many years back, I would respect the fact that this is a group
for professional academics who are full-time Indologists. I
would contribute a comment only when it involved my field of
expertise, and sit back most of the time. I now see that there
are lot of people, many of them Internet newcomers, who feel
free to post whatever and whenever they feel like, without
consideration for the charter of the list, and without bothering
to do some basic reading of easily available extant research
before posting a query.  Half-baked theories and questions are
now the norm.

Others post many, many messages a day, most of them useless,
despite Dominik's past pleas to do just the opposite. (Just take
a look at the last month's archives and you'll see the perpetrators).
Most of these people are less interested in serious dialogue than
perpetuating their pet philosophy/philosopher/socio-linguistic

Unfortunately, for a list such as Indology to be productive,
its users must practice self-control. This is a hard to find
commodity these days.


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