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stephens jpstephen at HOME.COM
Tue Jun 1 01:23:35 UTC 1999

I would like to know if  *all*  the Indology scholars in this list find the
input of the non-scholars an absolute waste. Has there been no benefit to
your research?

I feel a healthy interaction between the scholars and the traditionalists
would be beneficial to both, am I wrong?


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From: Daniel Baum <dbaum at ISDN.NET.IL>
Date: Monday, May 31, 1999 8:11 PM
Subject: Re: New list / new rules (RE: Request for Info)

>I would like to remind all the serious scholars on this list that I set up
>an Indo-iranian linguistics mailing list some time ago. Although it has
>of members, it never really took off. I would once again like to invite all
>the Indo-Iranian scholars (Vedic, Avestan mainly, but middle and modern
>languages where relevant) to join the list for serious discussion of these
>topics. To join, send a message to indo_iranian-subscribe at, or
>mail me personally and I will subscribe you.
>The list is not currently moderated, but it will be if it degerates into
>same kind of boring nonsense as we see on the indology list.
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