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Narayanaswami Appa is correct!. There would be more references in the
Saraswati Mahal library. Is there anyway to contact them by email ?.
The Thanjavur Deshasthas today are mostly clueless about the details
about their migration to TN, the most common answer is that they
migrated during the times of Shivaji/Sambhaji etc. Some of the families
have preserved their adNAvs (surnames), while some of these indicate
the place e.g, Patankar, Kolhapurkar others indicate links to surnames
current in Maharashtra today
e.g, Dole, Kshirsagar, Pingale. Also, the smarthas have preserved their
original family names better than the madhvas!. Was the advaitin Nagoji
Bhatta one amongst the deshasthas ?
--- Srini Pichumani <srini_pichumani at MENTORG.COM> wrote:
> Nikhil Rao wrote:
> > The following reference will have some of the
> information that you require
> > It has biographies of some illustrious
> maharashtrians from Thanjavur,
> > including those of Tiruvidaimarudur Sakharama Rao,
> gottuvadya player and
> > guru of Semmangudi, Narasimhappa a mridamgam
> vidwan from a Maratha family.
> That should be Narayanaswami Appa,  if I am not
> mistaken... he is credited with
> a lot of the left-hand technique like gumki etc
> which is used in Carnatic
> mrdangam playing.
> -Srini.

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