[Q]: Research on Marathas in TN

Srini Pichumani srini_pichumani at MENTORG.COM
Tue Jun 1 22:56:16 UTC 1999

Nikhil Rao wrote:

> The following reference will have some of the information that you require
> It has biographies of some illustrious maharashtrians from Thanjavur,
> including those of Tiruvidaimarudur Sakharama Rao, gottuvadya player and
> guru of Semmangudi, Narasimhappa a mridamgam vidwan from a Maratha family.

That should be Narayanaswami Appa,  if I am not mistaken... he is credited with
a lot of the left-hand technique like gumki etc which is used in Carnatic
mrdangam playing.


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