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Tue Jun 1 13:50:23 UTC 1999

Can Kannda speakers tell about "hoLe" = river, please? Is that what represented
river in 8th century, 10th cent.? Or, was there a word closer to
tamil words,for instance, aaRu?

In the Tamil inscriptions found at Sarkar Periyapalayam
(called kurakkut taLi in Tevaram, 8th cent. CE), and Piranmalai,
the merchant guilds of 500 from all(1000) directions are talked about.
This guild has a Tamil inscription in Srivijaya empire (Indonesia) too.

The guild's place name is "ayyampozil" in Tamil. Probably,
ai+am pozil = "five elegant gardens".

The number five is important in those guilds, These merchants go
by the title, "Five Hunderd" (ainnURRuvar); Also, a detailed description
of the five divisions of authority/responsibility/departments of trade
among ainnURRuvar is available in Periyapalayam inscription.

ayyampozhil = *ai + am + pozil receives support in that
ayyavole gets shortened to "aihoLe".

Is ka. hoLe cognate with ta. pozhil (garden, division of country)?
Ta. aaRu comes from the verb, "aRu" (to cut, divide);
Ta. pozhil has an attested meaning "division of a country/expanse",
this usage is semantically related to ka. hoLe (river).

TN town, pozhilvAycci and Ka. hoLenarsipur may have this "pozhil/hoLe"
in them. Is hoLe narsipur having "traders' guild" inscriptions?


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