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> As Indology participants cannot be expected  to know all Indian
> languages,

One only needs to learn two Indian languages: Tamil and Skt...

> From a recent posting (birth of mAl):
> >To quote the fuller context from his commentary:
> >
> >"tiratciyaik koNTa avuNarai venRa
> >pon2n2Arc ceyta mAlaiyin2ai uTaiya
> >mAmaiyai uTaiyOn2 piRanta ONamAkiya nan2n2AL"

"ONam the asuspicious natal asterism of the dark one who vanquished the
numerous asuras and wears a golden garland"

> It's quite possible that the lines contain important
> information. How an
> ignoramus like myself (I don't believe I am going to learn
> Tamil) would know
> it?
Wish you all the prosperity needed to enable you learn Tamil
and discover the secrets of Indology! :-))

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> Artur Karp
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