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> Later, Mani Varadarajan asked about the parents of mAl. The following
> line
> explicitly says he does not have any.
> piRavAp piRappu ilai piRappittOr ilaiyE  (pari.3.72)

I am pasting here my earlier posting on this.

The commentator n.in2iyar seems to think that mAl was given birth
to as is evident from his commentary to  maturaik kAJci (one of the 10
"long poems" of cangkam era)
by poet mAGkuti marutan2 as advise to the Pandiyan emperor pANTiyan2
stanzas: 590-591:
kaNam koL avuNar kaTanta polam koL
mAyOn2 mEya ONam nal nAL"
[maturaik kAJci: 590-591]

naccinArkkiniyar commentary:
says: "mEya = piRanta = born"
To quote the fuller context from his commentary:

"tiratciyaik koNTa avuNarai venRa
pon2n2Arc ceyta mAlaiyin2ai uTaiya
mAmaiyai uTaiyOn2 piRanta ONamAkiya nan2n2AL"

It is of course difficult to find any text  that directly says
mAl was given birth to.


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