studies of sandhyopAsana

Robert Zydenbos zydenbos at FLEVOLAND.XS4ALL.NL
Sat Jul 3 04:22:47 UTC 1999

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 pC> Claude Setzer writes:
>Sandhya is not only for Brahmans, but "should" be done by anyone who has
>had upanayana which is prescribed for "all three" castes. In practice, I
>know many Brahmans who have not had upanayana, and some non-Brahmans who

 pC> Are there any studies about non-brahmin castes having
 pC> upanayana
 pC> ceremony. In the South, what would be the percentage of
 pC> population doing upanayana and sandhyopAsana rituals.
 pC> Any non-brahmin Tamil castes having these rituals?

If I'm allowed to give a non-Tamil example: Jainas in Karnataka. Not all,
but most of the Digambaras have an upanayana with a sacred thread (the
three strands representing the Jaina ratnatraya), and there is also a Jaina


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