The conception of Rama

Bharat Gupt abhinav at DEL3.VSNL.NET.IN
Thu Jul 1 22:35:49 UTC 1999

Artur Karp wrote:
> Dear Sceptic,
> >That dialog refers to incest between siblings and not Niyog >
> Of course. But I found it quite peculiar to see in my mail an allusion to
> what I thought was an ancient and already forgotten dispute. When Swami
> Dayanand proclaimed his project of social reform, the concept of niyoga
> became the most obvious target of attacks. On the other hand, while
> defending his interpretation of the RV X:10.10, the followers of the Swami
> had a good opportunity to attack the Western way of interpreting the Vedas.
> With regards,
> Artur Karp
> University of Warsaw
> Poland
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Dear Prof Karp,
Could we not take as evidence of niyoga a more lucid reference
in the mantra 10/40/2,

(the second line) h
Ko vaam  shayutraa vidhaveva devaram maryana yoshaa krinute sadhastha aa.

(please forgive incomplete spellings due to email constaints).

Bharat Gupt
Assoc  Professor Delhi Univ.

The "putryeshti yajna" held after ashvamedha held by Dasharatha, in my opinion (and we
are all entitled to our interpretations provided they are based on evidence of certain
existing practices) is a euphemism for niyoga. The miraculous description of the
"paayasam"  bearing person emerging from the yajna fire is heighten the eupphemistic
mode. If just a putryeshti were to be held, it could have been done by Vasishtha
or others, but Dasharatha had to  go and seek and  bring  Rishyashranga, the son in law
of a friend, this only conforms to the rules of selecting a relative or a surrogate for

With regards,
Bharat Gupt

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