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Dear Mani,

Here are but a few of many references. There is a multimedia documentary in
progress of the taittiriiya one, with audio, video, script, etc.  It  may be
complete by the end of the summer.

Sandhya is not only for Brahmans, but "should" be done by anyone who has had
upanayana which is prescribed for "all three" castes. In practice, I know
many Brahmans who have not had upanayana, and some non-Brahmans who have.
The third reference below prescribes a simple sandhya as essential for
"everyone" of all religions and castes.

Taittiriiya-mantrakosha.h dvitiiyo bhaaga.h, list of mantras for various
rituals, including sandhya. This is in current use today by Srii
vaishnavaites of the Pancaratra Agama (at least the tangalai). They do
sandhya three times per day, and the mantras in this book are mixed
but mostly there. All Devanagari.

Kane, History of Dharma Sastra, there is an excellent list of many Vedic
references in volume 2, listed in index. English and Devanagari references.

Daily Practices of the Hindus, Srisa Chandra Vasu. This lists quite lot of
stuff, much of it
more complex than most people seem to actually follow. There many different
varieties of sandhya in here, including one for "everyone." English and

Daily Prayer of the Hindu, sandhya Vandanam, C. N. V., Sri Ram Publishers.
English and Devanagari, with translation.


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> Can someone point me to a study of the brahminical
> sandhyopAsana ritual, particularly one which takes
> into account how it varies between members of the
> different Vedas and dharma-sUtras?
> Mani

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