the word "potiyil" in classical Tamil (was Re: the word "poti yil" inside MaNimEkalai)

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> To summarize, the word "potiyil" is
> * not used at all to refer to Mount Potiyil
> * used 3 times to refer to a public hall (or a hall for worship?)
>         (H7, H8, H9)
> H7 = tiru-226 (Chelliah, p.355)
> H8 = matu-161 (Chelliah, p.241)
> H9 = paTTi-249 (Chelliah, p.45)
> I hope this is useful to somebody :-)
>  Naturally, people are usually more interested in positive :-))
>  than in negative evidences :-(

In paripATal, an anthology of 20+ poems,
one of the poems that opens with extensive
astronomical/astrological description of some events
uses the phrase  "potiyil mun2ivan2" to refer to the the
 asterism "agasthya".

Also I was curious about the place "chitrakUTam" mentioned
in rAmAyaNam as one of the first places where rAman stays.
I understand potiyil siva temple is referred to
as cittiracapai (chitrasabha). Is it also called
chitrakUtam? are there other places in India
that have been called chitrakUtam traditionally.
I remmeber having read in the book "108 vaiNavath thala
varalARu" that chidambaram also is refered to
by a name similar to "chitrakUtam".


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